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Dr. COTEY's Migraine Story


Growing up, my family was misled by the medical system, and I too was put through the wringer. What I remember most about my childhood was always being sick. I would regularly miss school and extracurricular activities. I felt different than the other kids. By the age of ten, I had been experiencing persistent sore throats, an extremely weak immune system, and debilitating migraines. I recall the 2:00 a.m. trips to the ER quite vividly. Reaching for the medicine cabinet and taking pills, whichever medications I could find, and locking myself in a pitch-black room became the norm for me. While most kids were outside and playing with friends, I would cry myself to sleep in the middle of the day just wishing the migraines away. As if this wasn’t bad enough, I was still wetting the bed well into my teenage years. You could imagine what that does to a teenage boy’s self-esteem. I felt embarrassed. I felt shame and insecure. I felt alone.


Looking back, I needed a way to gain some confidence in my life, so I became a competitive marathoner and I joined the military. While my body appeared to be in peak, physical condition on the outside, I was deteriorating, falling apart, and suffering on the inside. The physical pounding of long-distance running and the long days of military training led my condition to progressively worsen.

The Day My Life Changed


In 2005, when I was gearing up for a twelve-month deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the intensity and frequency of my migraines became so severe that they were impacting my quality of life, and I was unable to fully participate in the required military training. Feeling weak and defeated, I found myself in the office of a highly-decorated, Air Force officer who, up until that moment, I had only seen on posters around the Air Force base. I was feeling extremely intimidated, overwhelmed, and even a bit pathetic. I was shocked to find out that I was not being released from duty, sent home, or even punished; instead, this man was reaching out to help me. He insisted that I go to his doctor for my condition. I was confused, hesitant, and absolutely blown away that someone so high up cared about someone like me, who seemed to be so small. 


What was even more astounding is not only did this man insist that I see his doctor, he personally drove me to the office that very day. As it turned out, his doctor was a Wellness expert, a specific, subluxation-based Chiropractor. 

With no previous experience with chiropractic, I had no idea what to expect or how a chiropractor could potentially help me. I had never experienced an environment nor a doctor like this one. This doctor’s office wasn’t the standard hurry-up-and-wait, label-me-and-give-me-pills, and send-me-home-defeated office that I had become accustomed to. Instead, the doctor seemed rather curious and interested in getting to understand my condition and how my migraines were affecting my life. He thoroughly examined me in a manner I’ve never experienced before and took the time to educate me, helping me by making sense of my condition. He explained very clearly why my body was functioning the way it was, then inspired me to take my health into my own hands. I no longer had to rely on medications, injections, or the routine recommendations of the multiple medical doctors who never seemed to have a satisfying answer or effective solution to any of my conditions. I was empowered. I felt in control for the first time in my life, and finally having that power felt amazing!


I went on to serve my year-long deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom - not fully understanding how my life would be forever changed. Some people spend a lifetime seeking out their purpose in this crazy world that we live in, and for whatever reason, in 2005 at the young age of 21, my life’s purpose found me.  


Now that I’m in my mid 30’s, I’m in the best health of my life. I am confident in my body. My migraines are have been gone for years and I feel phenomenal. Heck, I don’t even know what a headache is anymore! I’m focused, my energy levels are through the roof, and I’m more productive now than I have ever been in my entire life. And my extraordinary health is all because this one person, a gentleman I didn’t even know, went out of his way, took time to reach out to me, and shared a life-changing principle that I had never been exposed to. Not only has he given me my life back, but he’s also made it so that my children will never have to suffer the way I did. For his time and knowledge, I am eternally grateful. Every child, every parent, and every single person deserves to hear this message!


There are millions of people out there who are just like me: people who are suffering and who would do anything and everything for even the slightest bit of hope. This message is for you. If you allow it, Specific Corrective Care Chiropractic will transform your life just as it has for me.

Pittsburgh Migraine Challenge, Gonstead Chiropractor

"I have now been able to go a couple weeks headache free, and when they do occur they are tolerable -even without medication." 

• • •

Linda D.

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